Fashion Commission

Fashion Commission

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الدرعية 13711, Diriyah, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
Fashion Commission
Fashion Commission
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Fashion Commission

الدرعية 13711, Diriyah, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia


It aims to develop the sector, driving its advancement and supporting practitioners in the field.

The Fashion Commission aims to develop the sector, driving its advancement and supporting practitioners in the field. The Commission is setting a new strategy to enhance and boost the sector and proposing new projects targeted at increasing its contribution to the economy.


To evolve the Kingdom’s fashion industry through culture, amplifying Saudi heritage and identity, while responding to global needs and impacting the national economy.



To enable the development of thriving Saudi fashion industry, sustainable and inclusive, fully integrated along the value chain, maximizing local talent, experiences, and competencies.


The Fashion Commission roadmap is aligned with the Commission’s value chain, as follows:

  • Cultural Environment & Creativity: The Fashion Commission will strengthen the Saudi Fashion industry in relation to knowledge creation, education systems and promotion of a cultural environment nurturing creativity.
  • Product Development: Today there are limited capabilities and services in product development in the fashion industry, the ambition is therefore to create these services to the appropriate international standards.
  • Raw Materials & Manufacturing: Manufacturing complexities need to be simplified and made more accessible for designers in the short term, while in the long term an integrated local industry with global supply chains needs to be developed.
  • Narrative, Storytelling and Events: There is a Saudi fashion identity, but its story needs to be amplified. The Fashion Commission will own the story and identity through a comprehensive communication strategy.
  • Consumption: The Fashion Commission aims to support local designers in the merchandising and sale of their creations (both in KSA and internationally).
  • Sustainability: In order to take a global lead on sustainability and ethical fashion, the Fashion Commission will work with its partners towards its potential to lead KSA sustainable fashion innovations.
  • Industry Enablers: The Fashion Commission will act as an enabler, integrating systems across the industry.

And so that the Fashion Commission fulfills its vision, it will work on:

  1. Defining the fashion sector’s bylaws.
  2. Creating a Saudi Fashion Professionals Association.
  3. Narrating the Fashion Commission’s work through media channels and events.
  4. Activating a product development studio to support designers.
  5. Promotion of R&D investments in innovative sustainable textiles technologies.
  6. Measuring Saudi fashion industry evolution through data collection and assessment.
  7. Supporting national / international fashion exhibitions.
  8. Creating a fashion mentorship program.
  9. Expanding and enriching KSA fashion education by updating degree curriculum and new short courses, including international collaborations and partnerships.
  10. Promoting the development of a network of private sector companies specialized in product development services.
  11. Supporting the development of retail opportunities for local designers.
  12. Attracting investments for the development a local fashion manufacturing system.


  1. Committed to the Saudi values and traditions in the fashion industry field.
  2. Leading a flourishing fashion industry in the Kingdom.
  3. Sponsoring innovative creations and highlighting the Saudi culture in the fashion industry.
  4. Connecting the fashion community and providing an environment that stimulates creativity.
  5. Celebrating traditional costumes and create a prosperous fashion future in the Kingdom.
  6. Supporting the development of national talents and promoting them to be leaders in international fashion.
  7. Following the path of Vision 2030.


الدرعية 13711, Diriyah, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia